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10 Jun 2014
The BEC Renewable Energy project Phase 1 completed
The Bureau d’Education Catholique has completed its first phase of its Go Green campaign. SETL meeco Ltd has installed photovoltaic kits of 6 kWp, 12 kWp and 18 kWp on the roofs of forty schools out of sixty seven existing educational sites for a total capacity of 498 kWp.
All the sites are fully operational and have also been connected to the CEB network thus enabling the schools to export all surplus power to the Utility grid. SETL meeco Ltd has also put in place a five years renewable maintenance contract for each site to ensure consistent production output. To-date, all these sites are producing an average of 68,000 kWh per month and exporting around 30,000 kWh to the CEB grid which is equivalent to monthly consumption of 340 families of the island. This clean and green energy is also reducing GHG by 442 tons annually. The beauty of this first phase is that the 40 sites with PV installations have impacted very positively on the mind-set of the BEC’s school population of 34,000 students + teaching and non-teaching staff. There has been an important awareness campaign to encourage the schools families to produce clean energy and reduce its daily consumption as well. Special awards are being presented to highly performing schools. Indirectly, this green initiative has over-turned the energy-saving cultures of over 150,000 families whose children are enjoying these environmentally friendly places over 180 days annually. Besides, other institutions have followed BEC’s approach to go green as well. BEC is also looking forward to complete its 2nd phase of its Go Green Campaign for 252 kWp on 27 schools in the coming months. Mrs Chung expresses her satisfaction to the strong partnership and collaboration with the team members of SETL meeco Ltd over this project.
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