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2 Jul 2014
New photovoltaic projects of 150 kWp.
Messrs EAL Man Hin Group took the right decision in entrusting their photovoltaic projects of 150 kWp to SETL meeco Ltd in September 2011.
The first show case of 50 kWp was completed at Consumer Goods Division (CDG) of the EAL Man Hin Group in Petit Riviere, Port Louis. The huge roof space on-site available encouraged SETL meeco Ltd to use Solar Frontier thin film modules that is constantly producing an annual average of 1600 kWh per kWp installed. Mr Bertrand Chan Tit, Head of Operations of EAL Man Hin stated the following: “We are really getting value for money invested and we are keen to recover our investment within seven years”. A couple of months later, the remaining 100 kWp of PV installation was also completed and connected to CEB grid at the HQ in Brabant Street in Port Louis. However, due to the lack of roof space, mono-crystalline modules of Bosch were installed and again, output are exceeding customer’s expectations. “We are generating over 50% of our daily electricity from photovoltaic energy and also exporting all surplus production to CEB grid during week-ends and public holidays” added Mr Chan Tit. Being aware that the life-time of the 150 kWp of photovoltaic kits will be over 25 years, EAL Man Hin Group took no risk by signing the “5 years Preventive Maintenance Contract” with SETL meeco Ltd. “In so doing, we are assured to optimise the investment over time with this reliable PV partner” concluded the EAL Man Hin representative……
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