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10 Sep 2014
Another i-kube F150 unit in operation on the Round Island

The Mauritius Wildlife Foundation (MWF) is very thankful to SETL meeco Ltd and the LEAL Group for their generous CSR scheme donation of an i-kube F150 for the provision of electricity to Ile aux Aigrettes. The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) is the only non-Governmental organization (NGO) in Mauritius to be exclusively concerned with the conservation and preservation of the nation's endangered plant and endemic species. The impact of this autonomous photovoltaic unit has been very effective since its installation four months ago on Ile Aux Aigrettes. The staff, living and working on the island, has not had any power interruption to date. This enthusiasm has encouraged the MWF to invest in another unit of i-kube F150 to assist its team living and working on the Round Island. The transportation of the mobile PV kit and the SETL meeco Ltd (Rino, Ludovic and Fabrice) was done on Thursday 7th August via the Mauritius Police helicopter. The team spent two days on the island to install, test and commission the equipment to the satisfaction of MWF’s representative. See pictured below. There is no more communication break-down between these islands MWF’s teams and their headquarter in Phoenix as recharging of mobile phones and consistent internet connections are possible with green electrical energy generated by the i-kubes.
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